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Home Alone Safety for Kids

$60 per person (includes GST)

This course is appropriate for young persons (in Grade 4 or at least 9 years old) interested in gaining their first steps towards independence and being without adult supervision.

Topics explored in this course include street smarts and bike safety, people safety (“Tricky People” and safe strangers), online and internet safety, snacking and kitchen safety, home fire safety, sibling rivalry, preventing accidents, how to handle emergencies and basic first aid skills.

The unique delivery model of the Home Alone Safety for Kids program reaches children of all learning-types. Innovative digital and traditional gaming techniques provide a fun and positive learning environment. Engaged participants learn valuable life skills to help them make safer choices when on their own.

Adult supervision is provided throughout the course, including during breaks. Students are not permitted to leave the premises during breaks unless written permission is provided by a parent/guardian. Parents and/or guardians must provide an emergency contact name and phone number when registering their child for the course. 

Students are asked to bring their own bagged lunch, water bottle and writing utensil with them to the course.