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Babysitter Training

$60 per person (includes GST)

This course is appropriate for young persons (in Grade 5 or at least 11 years old) eager to learn more about taking care of siblings and/or starting their own babysitting business.

Topics explored in this course include creating a safe environment, responding to emergencies (including current infant/child choking and CPR guidelines, wound care, fire safety and burns, water safety, fractures, sprains and strains to name just a few), ages and stages of infants and children, and business basics 101. Whether the student is ready to start babysitting, exploring if this is right for them, or just wanting to develop their leadership skills, this hands on and interactive course will provide them with plenty of skills and knowledge to reach their full potential. The course registration fee include one full colour babysitting manual. All other course materials and equipment are provided. 

Adult supervision is provided throughout the course, including during breaks. Students are not permitted to leave the premises during breaks unless written permission is provided by a parent/guardian. Parents and/or guardians must provide an emergency contact name and phone number when registering their child for the course. 

Students are asked to bring their own bagged lunch, water bottle and writing utensil with them to the course.